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Music - Work In Progress

Actually, "in progress" is perhaps something of an overstatement. The works in this section were started many years ago and have sat on the shelf since then. There is still a good chance that I might go back to them at some point, though, which is why they are here and not in the Abandoned Works section.

Hodie: A Christmas Oratorio

My original manuscript books for this tell me that I started it in 1985, and most of the pieces here were written in that original phase. However, I stopped because I found that I was out of my depth with some of the pieces (those ones were never finished and hence are not here), and I decided to leave it until I was more accomplished. That point never arrived, and although I have extended the work a little bit, it remains unfinished. I might pick it up eventually and write a simpler version.

Behold! A Virgin Shall Conceive

And While They Were There

O Magnum Mysterium

Now In That Same Country

Quem Pastores

Jazz: Suite for Piano and Flute

Technically it's for Piano, Flute, and Drums, but only one of the pieces have a drum accompaniment written for them. There is one movement missing (the last one, in fact), which is written but has yet to be "recorded" (if that is the right word for using a MIDI synthesizer to play back the piece and then convert it to an MP3).

1st Movement

2nd Movement

3rd Movement

4th Movement