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Welcome the latest incarnation of my personal website.

Who am I?

I'm Chris: programmer, gamer, musician, composer, and general jack-of-far-too-many-trades-to-be-successful-at-any-of-them. My internet name is chrisatthestudy, and in these days of increasingly invasive data-collection and lack of online privacy I do my best to keep my real name off the Internet.

You might also come across me online as Ezann, Erich Zann, Erik(h) Zahn, or other variations thereof, a name which I use primarily for gaming (if you are wondering, the name is from The Music of Erich Zann, by H P Lovecraft). If you are ever in Reykjavik (the capital of Iceland) you will find Erik Zahn's name on the Eve Online monument there. Seriously. It's on plate row 2, column 9, line 13.

What's here?

Because I have far too many interests and projects this site is likely to be an ever-growing collection of miscellaneous ramblings, which I've tried to impose some vague sort of organisation on by dividing into distinct sections, each with its own entry page and index.

The links to the left will take you to the main pages of each section, although you can probably expect these to change on a fairly regular basis as I extend the site.

If you really want to look over the entire site, check the site-map, which lists (and links to) every page.

If you were hoping to find a blog, the nearest that I have is the Gallimaufry section, which is a collection of random bits and pieces on no particular theme.


To avoid being harvested by spam-bots, the following is an obfuscated version of my email address. If you are human you ought to be able to work it out. If you are a bot, I hope that you are baffled:

(For anyone who knows it, my previous email address will still work and I will still receive emails that are sent to it. I will phase it out eventually, though, so please update your records with the new address.)

You will find a small number of my personal programming projects on Github: